Miscellaneous Study Materials 14 Nov 2019


Geology is the study of the Earth. There are no real laws in geology because most of the processes, events, and sundry items attached to geology don‟t work in all situations at all times. For example, the “Law of Superimposition” in Geology says that rock layers on the bottom are the oldest, while those on the top were formed more recently. But this law is not true in case of the mountain formation in which the rock layers fold over, resulting in older layers lying on top of younger layers. Download Attachment

Movements of Earth_2

There are five kinds of Earth’s motions as follows:
• Earth moves with the Milky Way, because entire Milky Way galaxy moves through the universe.
• Earth follows Sun, while the Sun travels in the Milky Way.
• Earth’s precession movement which is very much similar to a spinning top.
• Earth revolution around the Sun
• Earth’s rotation on its axis Download Attachment